F.lli Omini S.p.A. corporate structure makes it possible to devote to each project the entire professionalism, technical knowledge and technology assets of the company. This thanks to a high flexibility degree, dynamism and value of both human and technical resources.
The technical staff is composed by professionals grown in the demolition sector. All the scrap yard personnel is highly qualified, with many years of experience in the demolition business. Operators are constantly trained, internally and externally, for each specific project and mansion. In this way F.lli Omini S.p.A. can ensure the progress of the knowledge both of the company and of each employee.
Equipped with the latest and more sophisticated technology, all F.lli Omini fleet is balanced and structured to ensure a wide range of processes. The company focus in the maintenance, the renewal and the research of the new technologies is constant and absolute, in order to gain the highest quality standards and the execution of every project in compliance with all the most rigorous security and environmental regulations.
Following this trend, the company also uses remote-controll technologies, which allow to operate safely even in the most critical areas.